02 April 2014


One of the fundamental lessons to be learned in playing golf is to keep your eye on the ball.  This is easier said than done.  In years past, I played this game each week.  I received most of my instructions from a dear friend when I lived in the city of Ozark, Alabama.  When I would look down the fairway just before I was about to take a swing with my club, he would say, “Keep your eye on the ball.”  Practically every time I would top the ball or hit it in the wrong direction, the problem usually could be traced back to my breaking that basic rule, that is, of not keeping my eye on the ball.

 In his exhortation to those early Christians to “run with patience the race that is set before us”, the inspired writer gave them a basic and necessary rule to follow in the game of life when he wrote, “looking unto Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:1, 2).  In other words, ‘keep your eyes on Jesus.’  He knew that there were many temptations in life which would cause them to turn their attention elsewhere.  To them, the urge to return to the tenets of the old law with its rituals and ordinances was very real and enticing.  To others, it may be the lusts of the flesh or the call of the world.

 Among the body of believers today there are distractions that cause us to turn our eyes away from Jesus.  It may be that some brother or sister has disappointed us.  It could be that someone has spoken words against us.  Perhaps family members have been unfaithful or a child has become involved in sinful living.  Satan is a very strong and wise adversary.  If he could get our parents to sin in Paradise, don’t you know that he is a having a field day with Christians while we live in this world permeated with sin?

The answer to our problems can be found in the encouragement to look unto Jesus.  He walked among mortal men, suffered the agony connected with the rejection of His people and the crucifixion on the Roman cross.  Now, he says, “Follow me” (Matthew 8:22).  However, we cannot really follow Jesus unless we look at Him.  It was when Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and became concerned about the wind, that he began to sink into the sea (Matthew 14:30).  So, when you become discouraged and feel like quitting, remember this fundamental rule of life, ‘Keep your eyes on Jesus’.

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