24 March 2011

What a Difference Sixty-Six Years Make

Atomic Bomb Exploding in Nagasaki: A mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb rises over Nagasaki. The second atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki in August, 1945, in the last days of WWII shortly before the surrender of Japan.
(Photo Credit: Corbis)
I was only ten years old when the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan on the dates of August 6 and August 9, l945, respectively. Later when I viewed the pictures of that awful looking mushroom cloud caused by an atomic bomb explosion, my young heart was filled with fear when I thought of the destructive power such a weapon possessed. It was during the years of 1941-1945 the American populace was indoctrinated by just how horrible the ‘Japs’ were in the many atrocities they committed during WW II, beginning with Pearl Harbor. Even the movie industry used propaganda in their movies to cause us to hate every person who was born in the country of Japan. Our government even incarcerated Japanese who were American citizens. I feel sure that the people in Japan were influenced greatly to believe that all Americans were evil. History has proven over the years that not all the citizens of Japan desired to engage the United States in warfare. As often is the case, those in authority, along with the military leadership pushed for the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.
One of the sweetest and dearest Christian friends that Virginia and I have had in our lives was a gentle Japanese lady by the name of Kim Ellis. She stated that her father did not want to go to war but he was forced to enter the military service. I recalled how Kim related to us that they were notified the Americans were going to firebomb her city and how she was led to safety by a family friend. Following the bombing of her city, she never saw her loved ones again. She told us that she and others were starving to death until the American soldiers gave them food to eat.

Doug Andrews, who is a brother-in-law, had an aunt, Sarah Sheppard Andrews, who spent her adult life (1916-1961) as a missionary in the country of Japan. She lived there during WW II and was treated kindly by those who knew her and her many good works, along with her teaching the Bible to them. This Christian lady saw the other side, the good side, of the people in that country. She influenced many to give their lives to Jesus Christ. Her life as a child of God and her labors of love among the Japanese people are recorded in the book, VIRTUOUS SERVANT (Providence House Publishers, Franklin, TN).
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Presently the nation of Japan is suffering because of the earthquakes, tsunami and of all things, the fear of radiation from their nuclear plants. And it is the United States of American that has sent our military personnel to aid the citizens of this country. With all the moral decadence and ills found in our country, the United States remains the most benevolent nation on earth, in my opinion. Those who were once our enemies are now treated with compassion and kindness.

As long as the earth remains and evil men live, wars will be fought. There will always be the lust for power and wealth and a desire to control other countries and have dominion over the lives of individuals. The only true path to peace can be found in the Prince of Peace, the divine Son of God, Jesus Christ.